Surf School

Aljezur is a place full of beaches with excellent conditions for surfing. Being a surfer in Aljezur gives us access to different types of waves and conditions to practice a sport involved in nature!

For professional reasons, I came closer to a destination that now I can call home. I have a degree in Engineering, in construction area, and I came to develop my profession close to my passion, which are waves and nature. Naturally, the passion for waves dominated my days, the possibility of being close to the ocean daily and enjoying the nature that surrounds us turned out to be daily routine. I grew up in the city of Olhão where I started to ride the waves on the islands as long as I can remember. It was only a matter of time before my parents offered me a bodyboard and later, years later, a wetsuit for the winter months. Aljezur Experiences gives me the opportunity to spend my days in contact with the ocean and share my experience and passion in our surf lessons.

The first foams were on the islands, then we always want to explore other places and other waves.  Start surf trips with friends, sometimes endlessly covering kilometers to go surfing on the Vicentine coast area. Later, explore the mythical surf spots in Portugal, Ericeira, nowadays a World Surf Reserve with excellent wave conditions, Peniche where the world surfing circuit has a stop, Nazaré, known worldwide for its GIANT waves, and so many other places for this Portugal outside.

The economic crisis made me stop a year of my life and I decide move to Aljezur!

Now is a dream come true with Aljezur Experiences being able to live with my passion!

Our team is made up of people who share the same passion.